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15:00-15:30          Registration

15:30-15:35          Introductions by the summit chair

15:35-15:45          Welcome Address

15:45-18:15          Keynote: The Economy / Investment Climate
                              • Outlook for the Cyprus Economy
                              • Cyprus: A Dynamic Business and Investment Centre

                              • The Investment Climate and Investment Opportunities in Cyprus

                              Panel Discussion: Doing Business in Cyprus
                              – Corporate International and Regional Headquartering in Cyprus

                              • Cyprus: The Ideal Business Base - Establishing a Regional Office in Cyprus
                              • Doing International Business from Cyprus: Infrastructure, Logistics, Geographical Opportunities
                              • Benefits for Corporations
                              • Benefits for Employers and Employees Living and Working in Cyprus

                              • Financial Reporting, Auditing, Legal System
                              • Living & Working in Cyprus: Real estate, Housing, Education, Health, Lifestyle

                              • The Cyprus Investment Programme

                              Panel Discussion: The Cyprus Funds Industry
                              • Cyprus: An Attractive Funds Jurisdiction. Developing the Fund Industry through Cyprus 
                              • Recent Trends and Regulatory Developments in the Cyprus Funds Industry

                              • Alternative Investment Funds: Structures and Benefits
                              • Fund Hosting through Cyprus
                              • New Types of Funds Products - New Solutions Offered by Cyprus Platform

                              • Latest Examples of the Use of Cyprus in the Alternative Investment Funds Sector
                              • Funds - The Cyprus Offering for Private Equity firms
                              • Funds - The Cyprus Offering for the Shipping Sector
                              • Funds - The Cyprus Offering for the Real Estate Sector

                              • Family Offices and the Use of an AIF Fund

                              Discussion with the Regulator

                              • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

18:15-18:30           Q & A Session

18:30                     Closing of event / Networking Cocktail

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*The above agenda will be finalised at a date closer to the event.